Introducing our 2022 Candle Collection

by | Nov 17, 2022

Our artisan candle collection, each crafted with a special story in mind.

This year,

we’ve gathered a selection of hand-dipped candles to feature in the retail portion of our company. The technique with which they are made makes them a true work of art. Being hand-dipped anywhere from 20-35 times allows for a clean and drip-free burn (which is why we love to light these in our homes, mess-free). The colors of these tapers are rich and have incredible depth. This can also be attributed to the process by which they are created.

As you will notice, the overarching theme for our collection is inspiration from nature. We hope our candles help you bring a bit of the outdoors in.


Indecisive when it comes to choosing a color scheme? Botanica has you covered. Each of their sets has five different colors. When using a set all together, it creates variance in your design. When used individually, you get something new every time! We love their sets so much, we got all of them. Botanica was inspired by the elemental groups and made a set for each (Earth, Water, Fire, and Air). We obviously got the cozy Neutral set, too. Finally, the Rainbow set for when life could use a little more color.

The Floral Society

The Floral Society aims to inspire communities to gather. They hope to spark a reconnection between people and a longing to return again and again to nature. Their tapers borrow their hues from blooms and the shifting tones of the season. Check out the color “Smoke” featured in our last blog.

British Colour Standard

British Colour Standard’s history is long, and their candles are eclectic. The original colors and names from the 1930s are the same ones used in their current collections. Their vibrant colors are derived from nature, flora and fauna, as well as semi-precious stones and spices. We carry an assortment of their solid dinner candles, in addition to a mixture of their striped dinner candles (for when you need a little pizazz).

Our Collection

British Colour Standard

A stylish addition to any home, perfect for entertaining, or giving as a gift.

The Floral Society

Meant to be burned as a daily ritual or to commemorate a special occasion.


Ideal for dinner parties and creating a warm and homey ambiance.


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