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How To Style a Dark and Moody Table in 10 Steps

As fall moves to winter here in Montana, we are shifting into hosting season. We heard that “dark and moody” is having its moment this year and wanted to hop on the trend. We crafted three ways to style our Black Glacier Plate. This is all the inspiration you need for everything from dinner parties in the comfort of your own home to formal holiday entertaining. Here is Part One. It is bold and romantic… and might even move you to try something out of your comfort zone

Photographed by: Kacie Q Photography

Step 1: The Black Glacier Plate is a statement piece but can work cohesively with tablescapes of all kinds. Its formality shifts depending on the setting. We would go as far to say it is the perfect neutral (without being boring, of course). The organic contours and matte finish are mid-century with a modern twist.

Step 2: For the base of the table, we chose the Velvet Onyx Table Linen. The color is rich, and the texture exudes opulence.

Step 3: Although there are a lot of dark elements, we provided contrast with the Lennox Lotus Napkin shown above; it is feminine, soft, and demands attention.

Step 4: The Aurora Mauve Runner’s billowy fabric created movement across the table.

Step 5: We elevated the table with Black Chiavari Chairs, comfortably padded with our cushion addition.

Fun fact: Chiavari chairs became prominent in formal events after Jackie and John F. Kennedy used them at their wedding in 1953. Nearly 70 years later, they are still just as chic.

There is something enigmatic and refined about shadowy hues.

Step 6: We paired the Gun Metal Flatware with the Black Glacier Plate. The square handles and sleek profile give off a contemporary vibe.

Step 7: The Floral Society’s black tapers illuminated the table. They borrow their hues from the shifting tones of the season. The black is a nod to the darker months approaching. Accompanying them is our marble Jax Candlestick. Each piece is unique due to the subtle veining throughout.

Step 8: In opposition to the 12″ tapers, the Gray Luster Chasen Votives sat close to the base of the table. The tealights they housed made for moody lighting.

Step 9: We chose baby’s breath as the single element table centerpiece. The cloudlike effect softens the geometric lines. Our Charcoal Bud Vase acted as the vessel for this delicate feature.

Step 10: We completed the look with the Pure Glassware, which is elegant but has an edgy silhouette that leads the way.

With this series we invite you to push the boundaries.

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