Choosing Your Wedding Linens

You found a dress, the bridesmaids are outfitted, and the tables can’t be forgotten. Linens are the perfect solution to elevating your event décor. They act as a focal point while not stealing all the attention. They set the tone of the room and they allow creativity to thrive. From simple solids, to luxurious textures, to bold patterns linens offer brides with a variety of options to create the perfect atmosphere.

Linens act as a blank canvas for accessorizing your tabletop. You can keep tabletops simple and allow the linen to really shine or you can complement the style with any of our beautiful vases, votives, candlesticks—options are endless!

MPR works with several out of state linen vendors that offer artfully curated linens to make every event worthy of your story. Although we handle the logistics, there are a few tips to know when choosing linens.

Decide on your tables.

To do this you definitely want a good estimate of your guest count. From there you can determine how many tables you’ll need and what table shapes work best at your event site. And most importantly- what will fit your style.

Our most popular table that requires a linen is our 72″ round table. Clients have also been using 8′ banquet tables lately… maybe because they look so good underneath our outdoor lighting kit.

We love seeing runners on our farm tables mixed with our full linen round tables.

Choosing Your Wedding Linens

Photo by Kacie Q Photography

Find your style and colors.

Our linen options are endless!  We have everything from luxurious velvet, to bold prints, to simple linens.

A good rule of thumb is to start with our Tuscany linens. They come in 18 different solid colors and are a great base to build on. Our classic staples such as our Acacia Chargers and Herringbone Flatware always pop on these simplified linens. If their simple texture seems too plain for what you envision then, we suggest to look at more intricate prints.

For a bolder option we suggest mixing textures and prints. This pink floral tablecloth with rich green velvet napkins is great for brides who don’t want to spare any details.

Compliment your wedding decor.

We adore linens so much because they have such an impact on the visual look of your wedding. By upgrading your linens, you are able to simplify your decor and florals, and let your unique style take center stage. We love how the unique stitching on the Adelaide elevates the table without feeling stuffy or over the top.

Choosing Your Wedding Linens

Photo by Kacie Q Photography


A few things to know before ordering your linens:

  • Linens hate wax. As beautiful as the ambiance that candles create, wax can easily damage linens. MPR offers dripless candles that can easily prevent any costly damage. Hurricanes and clear plastic sheets are other easy preventative measures to take against the dangers of wax.
  • Mold is never good. Yep, you heard that right. Our linen vendors aren’t located in Montana, so we must ship linens back to their appropriate headquarters, meaning days of being bundled in shipping containers. Spills happen to the best of us (no shame). If a linen does get a little unexpected dousing, try to let it air dry before packing it for return.
  • No need to clean. Our vendors take care of that. You just make sure that they aren’t soaked and that any crumbs/food is cleared.
  • Linens wrinkle. Our vendors do their best in packing the linens, ensuring their cleanliness and ready-to-usefulness on arrival, but there is only so much they can control after shipping. If your linens arrive a little wrinkled or crinkled, simply buy a bottle of wrinkle release (hey, Downey!). It’s a great tool to keep in your event-readiness arsenal. Lay the linens out on tables well before the event, spray with wrinkle release, and those wrinkles will disappear.

There are so many details that go into planning a wedding that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Fortunately, we are here to help.