Summer Inspired Signature Cocktails

It’s that time of year! The warm weather in Montana has finally returned and many are dreaming about their event cocktail hours. Signature cocktails have become such a staple for weddings and events, glassware has quickly become one of the first things chosen.

We figured no one would know Montana approved signature cocktails like a local Montana distillery. Willie’s Distillery is located in Ennis, Montana and has been a premiere Montana brand since it opened in 2010. Whether you crave a little spice or looking for your traditional favorite with a Montana spin on it, we have the recipe for you! (And of course the perfect glassware to go with it!)

Madison Manhattan

This classic cocktail is our fearless leader Chelle’s favorite! She loves the simpler and more traditional cocktails, like this Bighorn Bourbon and Cherry Liqueur mixed drink. If you are wanting a signature cocktail that is as delicious as it is simple, this recipe is just for you.

1 ½ oz. Big Horn Bourbon
½ oz. Chokecherry Liqueur
Splash of bitters
1 cherry

Simple and straightforward.

Firecracker Margarita

It shocks none of us that Liza’s favorite drink has a good spice to it as she is certainly the spice in our office! This tangy marg has quite the kick at the end and perfect for those who opt for tangy cocktails versus sweet ones.

Not sure if your guests could handle the kick? Follow the latest trend and make your signature cocktail a ‘Margarita Bar’ and let your guests pick their own dressings.

1 oz. pineapple and jalapeno-infused Willie’s Moonshine
1 ½ oz. simple syrup
1 oz. lime juice

Shake and pour over ice in salt rimmed glass.

Served in our Recycled in our Clear Tumbler

Pink Mojito

A cocktail that Callie swears by after finishing her nightly runs. The perfectly balanced sweet and citrus makes it the easiest to enjoy after a long hot day or the type of signature cocktail to appease just about any palette.

1 oz. Honey Moonshine
Muddle:  ½ oz. lime juice
5 fresh mint leaves
½ oz. simple syrup
1 oz. Cranberry juice

Top with club soda.

Served in our Debutante Blush glassware

Madison Mule

Much like Montana would be lost without the copper cup staple, we would be lost without our owner, Jill! Though Jill swears by making her mule’s with bourbon or tequila rather than the traditional vodka.

If you are looking for THE Montana cocktail – this is it.

1 oz. Big Horn Bourbon
Splash of orange bitters
Squeeze orange wedge

Top with ginger beer.

Served in our Black Moscow Mule Glassware

Blueberry Smash

A transplant from Wyoming, our newest employee Kelsey is all about blueberries. Since she always has them on hand a blueberry cocktail is her go-to! One thing we love about this cocktail is the Honey Moonshine is so smooth and sweet, no simple sugar is needed.

1 oz. Honey Moonshine
Muddle 4 fresh blueberries
½ oz. lemon juice

Top with ginger ale.

Served in our White Enamel Tumbler

While there are plenty of signature cocktails out there, we hope you are able to fall for one of these Montana based ones. And feel free to check out our newest glassware in our showroom!

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