There is something about seeing a couple create their own unique touches for their big day.   We adore all of these creative wedding aisles ideas our couples have used over the years!

Disco ball fun

An addition for our brides who love to have a little fun!  Our bride Layne contrasted the natural Montana elements with sparkly disco balls. Rent our disco ball and benches to create your own take.

Planter entrance

We have always had a soft spot for a purposefully potted planter entrance and we are so happy to see this style come back! Our handmade wood benches are low-profile enough that they seamlessly blend into the background making your planters the true standout.

Rug on top of rug!

A creative wedding aisle idea that has really taken off in 2021 – rugs! This summer wedding mixed and matched our rug inventory to create a look that is entirely unique.

Ceremony Aisles Ideas

Photo by Indiee Fox Photography


Floral Lined

There is a reason this look never goes out of style.  Not only are the options endless, but each one is distinctively timeless and gives you a peek into the style of the couple. This colorful floral lined aisle may have taken place on a golf course, but thanks to the expertly crafted arrangements from The Wild Blume it transports you right back into the wilderness.

Decorative Wine Barrels

A quick and creative way to guide your guests to their seats is with wine barrels! Adorn them with a handful of flowers along with a placard to create an aisle that is as functional as it is good-looking.