Bozeman, MT

Canopies & Tents

Space Planning for Canopies & Tents

When planning for an event you will need to take into consideration the activity that will take place under the canopy. The following are basic guidelines.

Seated Ceremony
8-10 sq. feet per person
Stand-up Cocktail Party
12 sq. feet per person
Buffet Dinner
18 sq. feet per person
Seated Dinner
20 sq. feet per person

Also take into consideration space for bars, staging, and dance floor.Montana Party Rentals will help with space planning by designing a layout of your tented event to ensure you have adequate space for a comfortable and successful event.

Choosing a Canopy Site

When choosing a site for a tented event one should select a location that is flat with access for deliveries as well as guests. Depending on size and location of an event, a site visit may need to be scheduled to ensure the site will accommodate your space needs.

All underground power, water, phone, gas lines, etc. will need to be marked before installation. Northwestern Energy provides a free service and should be contacted a minimum of a week before the event date at 800-424-5555. Failure to due so will affect the ability to set up canopies.

Rate Information

Rental rates include labor to set-up and break-down canopies, unless noted. Rates are subject to additional labor fees due to weather conditions such as wind, heavy rain, lighting, snow and cold temperatures. An additional labor charge may apply if canopy or canopies are set up in a remote location, if set-up is a custom installation, or if staking takes extra time due to ground conditions. Winter canopy availability and rental rates will be quoted upon request.

Space Planning for Tipis

Montana Party Rentals offers tipi rentals that are great for unusual guest quarters which children and adults enjoy. Your friends and family will experience the true beauty and feeling of big sky country.

14’ sleeps 1-2 adults
18’ sleeps 3-4 adults

Not only are tipis perfect for sleeping accommodations but they make a special play area for children, dressing room for a wedding party, or even to hide a portable toilet at a remote event.

18’ tipis will cover 1-2 portable toilets