Bozeman, MT

Dance Floors

Choosing the size of dance floor

When determining the size of floor needed, we recommend approximately 9 square feet per couple when dancing. You can generally plan on 50% or less of your guests dancing at once.

The following are general guidelines

We will be happy to work with you to determine the appropriate size of dance floor for your event.

15 x 16 dance floor
(20 sections)
Accommodates 27 couples
18 x 20 dance floor
(30 sections)
Accommodates 40 couples
21 x 24 dance floor
(42 sections)
Accommodates 56 couples
24 x 28 dance floor
(56 sections)
Accommodates 75 couples
27 x 32 dance floor
(72 sections)
Accommodates 96 couples

Dance floor location

Montana Party Rentals offers dance floors for indoor and outdoor venues. We require our crew to install and dismantle our dance floors. Set-up and break-down are quoted according to size.

When choosing a site for an outdoor floor, please keep in mind a flat area is needed for proper installation. We also require all outdoor floors be set-up under cover, whether it be a tent, porch, etc. to protect the floor from damage due to rain, snow, etc. Sprinkler systems must be turned off to avoid water damage.